Internet connection issues or router problems can be frustrating, we work with you through each step to get your internet back working quickly and efficiently. 
Your Web Browser is the only tool which lets you access the World Wide Web through your computer. This is why we bring you a set of exclusive Internet browser support services which let you keep web browser errors at bay and maximize your Internet experience!





From issues like installing/reinstalling web browser to troubleshooting web browser errors to configuring it, we handle them all.

At ClickIT, we have a complete array of support services for any of your web browsers be it Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, or any other. Our Computer Support team focus their efforts to maintain functionality of your precious computer as well as its connected devices and retaining their efficiency to the best.

When you have no Internet, it is so frustrating when you get the support person on the phone who ays just follow the instructions on the website. Or, you are put through to a Service desk where they speak little English, and you have to keep repeating yourself to make your self understood.

We will make an appointment to visit to ensure your not left scratching your head as to what you do next, if we cannot help you over the phone. We will not only own the problem we will promise to solve the problem.




If you have an existing network and it’s been poor and unreliable or you can’t get it to work we can fix this for you. We can offer a solution often without the need to replace or change you existing equipment, incorrect setup or settings is the biggest common factor with wifi issues.

We are commonly called out for BT broadband, Virgin, Sky, O2, Orange, Plusnet, AOL, Tesco and more broadband issues.




Need home or business security? Need to know the dog hasn’t wrecked your house? We can setup complete home or business CCTV security systems that will enable you to view your home or business premises remotely. Call us to help you get secure today.



ClickIT can setup a wireless hotspot for your business, whether it’s a bed & breakfast, retail or office we have packages to suit all needs. Hotspots can be setup so you provide access to your customers or employees/guests. If your broadband WiFi signal does not reach your garden office, or you live in a larger than average house, we can install a wireless WiFi extender to help cover the extra distance.
Experiencing problems with your computer or business systems? Call us on 01889 579990 or contact us online

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